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A Proper Martini

The martini. "It is both universal and highly personal," writes Jason Wilson, cocktail historian and author of the new book Boozehound. "It is certainly more of a broad concept than a specific recipe." He has a point. Ask a dozen martini drinkers how to make one, you'll likely get a dozen different answers. But one thing is clear to Wilson and any other drinker worth his coasters—a real martini is made with gin, not vodka. And while there's sure to be some discussion in the comments, here's the proper way to make a martini (with a twist). A skill every man should master, whether you drink them or not.



  • 3 oz. good gin
  • 1 capful of dry vermouth
  • Lemon for garnish


Pour the vermouth into a chilled cocktail glass and swirl to coat the inside. Discard any excess.

Fill a cocktail shaker with a handful or two of ice and pour in the gin.

Shake vigorously. You don't need to whip it into submission, but the shaking actually results in a colder drink. Don't worry about "bruising the gin."

Peel a thumbs-width peel of lemon (with as little white pith as possible) and run the skin against the rim of the glass.

Pour in the gin and pinch your twist to spray the top of your martini with citrus oil. You'll see it floating on top, and you'll taste it too. The citrus brings out the gin's botanical notes.



James Bond first ordered a martini "shaken, not stirred" in Ian Fleming's 1956 novel Diamonds Are Forever.


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