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Volume 3

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The Wallet Backup

The only thing worse than realizing that your wallet has been lost or stolen is trying to remember what you had in there. Because if you don't report it right away, your bad day is only going to get worse. Write down, or better yet, take digital photos (or photocopies) of the entire wallet's contents—from credit cards and your driver's license to store club cards and insurance details. Remember to record the info on both the front and back. For each item, note the phone number needed to call (to have the card closed and replaced) along with any necessary verification codes, expiration dates and mailing address associated with the account. Then store the document in a safe place. That way, if something does happen, you can easily take care of everything within a matter of minutes.



Report a lost wallet to a credit bureau like Experian (1.888.EXPERIAN), and they'll add a "security alert" to your file and also notify the other credit reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion.


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