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Rehab Your Shoes

When you buy quality shoes, one of the best attributes (besides the all-important comfort and style) is that they can be refurbished. A local cobbler can replace a sole but the skilled craftsmen at venerable brands can rebuild your shoes, literally from the ground up. Soles, heels and linings are replaced, the uppers are re-stretched over the shoe's original lasts and many of the deeper wrinkles are removed before the leather is refinished and polished. You're left with the best of both worlds—shoes that look brand new but feel like you've had them for years. And it's really great for the savvy set of young guys buying shoes on eBay. Can't afford such pricey footwear from the store? Score a pair online for a song and have them refurbished. No one will ever know. Here are four of the best and what to expect.

  Cost Turnaround What You Get
Alden $145
(with free shipping)
4 weeks Uppers repaired and refinished. The soles are completely remade. They're packed in a new Alden box, with cedar shoe trees and cloth bags.
Allen Edmonds $99 to $120
(with free shipping)
3 weeks (more for Cordovan repairs) Sole is reconstructed and uppers are stripped and refinished. You can add on shoe trees and travel bags.
Cole Haan $85 to $115 4 weeks Uppers repaired and refinished. Soles, hardware and liners replaced. You can add shoe trees, bags and a shoe horn.
Johnston & Murphy $90 to $115 3 to 5 weeks Soles, heels and buckles replaced. Uppers can be refinished and hand polished.




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