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Volume 4

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Your All-Occasion Suit

When it comes to suits, our editors get two basic questions. The first is about what suit is right for a specific event like a wedding or a job interview. The second is often from a guy who doesn't wear suits and is looking to buy his first one. Well, this answers both queries—go with a grey, two-button suit in whatever price point you're comfortable with. You can find them everywhere from Club Monaco and J.Crew to Barneys and finer men's shops.

Make sure it's the right grey. Look for a year-round worsted wool in a medium shade somewhere between heather and charcoal (not too light or summery and not too dark or flannely). It's been called the men's equivalent to the little black dress, because it always works. Day or night, no matter the occasion, it fits in perfectly. When in doubt, wear a white shirt and a dark tie. It may be simple, but it's never not going to look sharp.

Where to Find It


You don't need to have it dry-cleaned after every wearing. The process can be brutal on the fabric. Once a season will likely suffice. Preserve the material by asking to have it "steam-pressed."


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