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Volume 4

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Clothing Lifetime

When you spend good money on your clothes, you want 'em to last. And one of the most damaging things you can do to clothes is actually something that a lot of us do every week: Laundry. Not the washing, but the drying.

Electric dryers suck all the humidity from clothing and the fabric—especially cotton—becomes stiff, brittle and weak. Its these broken fibers that lead to the washed out, dull appearance and holes or rips. And as the fibers tighten up, your garments shrink. Not to mention, the heat often chips and cracks mother of pearl buttons.

Air drying your clothes (namely your dress shirts and cotton pants) is the easiest way to maintain the fit and finish and will literally add years to the life of a garment. You don't need a dedicated laundry room or clothesline, just a simple folding drying rack. Look for a sturdy rack with plenty of surface area to lay some pieces flat and hang others. This gullwing style has an ample 79 ft. of drying space, two pairs of shoe dryers and folds up flat for storage.



Prevent indentations on sweaters or shirts by laying a towel between the clothes and the rack.


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