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Volume 4

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A Belts Guide

In terms of practicality, a belt's purpose is to keep your pants from falling down. But when it's really working, it pulls your whole look together. There aren't many rules when it comes belts (except for those logo-ridden buckles—lose 'em). Sometimes you want one that's simple and understated. Other times, you'd like something to punctuate your outfit. Herewith, some to consider:

The Dress Belt

Slim and simple, in plain black or brown leather. To be worn with suits, nice shoes and proper trousers.

$60 by Sid Mashburn

The Slide Belt

Versatile and timeless, this instant heirloom (with an engine turned buckle) only gets better with years of wear.

$50 by J.Crew

The Hoof Pick Belt

Really an ode to equestrian style, this belt (made from English bridle leather) has a jaunty, yet rugged sailor vibe.

$33, by Tory Leather

The Surcingle Belt

Named after the cotton fabric making up these preppy favorites, they're tipped with leather and often a brass buckle.

$27 by ASOS

The Braided Belt

Woven belts add a laid-back casualness to whatever you're wearing. Buy one a little longer and let the tail hang to the side.

$59 by 1901

The D-Ring Belt

Often made from colorful grosgrain ribbon with two metal D-rings, they can offer a nice contrast to your outfit.

$79 by Smart Turnout

The Canvas Web Belt

Standard issue for soldiers, these casual canvas slide belts go with everything from chinos and cotton suits to jeans and cargos.

$4 by Army Universe

The Novelty Belt

An expressive wardrobe requires a bold belt. Whether in of-the-moment ethnic or tribal prints or a bright color or pattern.

$34 by Urban Outfitters

The O-Ring Belt

Not unlike the D-ring belts, these are made from leather (with two metal rings) giving them a heartier feel and appearance.

$54 by Sole Survivor

The Casual Belt

Jeans and other casual pants call for a wider (and tougher) belt like the Trace Carrier, modeled after a trailer hitch.

$60, by Leather Man Ltd.

The Faja Belt

A simple strap of patterned woven cotton traditionally worn by Argentinians, there's no buckle, so it must be knotted.

$19 by Industry of All Nations


Belt ≠ Shoes

Contrary to what some store salesmen will tell you, your shoes and belt don't need to match exactly. You really don't want to look like you actually matched them, but keeping them in the same color scheme is a good idea. A medium brown belt with chocolate-colored shoes? No sweat.


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