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Go Green

Every man should have a plant or two in his home. It brings the outside in and adds some life (literally) to the place. But no matter what color your proverbial thumb is, the last thing you need is a high-maintenance plant demanding your attention every day. Succulents are a man's botanical best friend. They're as masculine as plants come and barely require any water or attention. The only thing easier? Moss.

And the best way to set up some succulents and a little moss? A terrarium. Yes, the same glass-encased self sufficient ecosystems that you likely remember from your childhood science class. Except today's versions are much more stylish. And they're perfect for a bachelor pad because they take all the gardening know-how of a Chia pet. So try one out. We guarantee your home will be better because of it.

Three Modern Styles

Bottle terrarium, by Moss


Weathered terrarium, by Terrain


Cube terrarium, by Score + Solder

Care Instructions

Katie Goldman Macdonald, of San Francisco's Botany Factory, offers easy tips on taking care of terrariums.


Your terrarium will do best next to a window that gets plenty of indirect light throughout the day—not a spot where it will bake in scorching sunlight. It will appreciate fresh, circulating air (an open window will do the trick).


It doesn't need much. Water once every few weeks with a light spray from a spray bottle or a trickle from a tepid faucet. It's better to under water than to over water it—remember, a terrarium has no drainage.


After a few months, some plants may flourish at the expense of their neighbors—survival of the fittest can play a role in the evolution of your terrarium. Remove any dead leaves or plants to keep it looking sharp.






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