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31 Days: Style Tips and Tricks
Volume 5

All the tips and tricks needed to shape up for 2013. Each day brings new, expert advice on how to look your best and live life to the fullest, while having a little fun doing it.


Dress for Your Body

You don't need to have the physique of a male model to look good in your clothes. Whether you're short or tall, lanky or stocky, the key to looking your best—without having to hit to the gym—is dressing for your body type.

  Wear Avoid
Big & Tall
Ex. Julius Peppers
(6' 7", 287 lbs)
Pants with cuffs to break up the long inseam. A dark, navy blue suit or jacket with a light colored shirt and pocket square—this brings the focus to your chest. Anything with horizontal lines or bold patterns, which accentuate your girth. Narrow ties and thin lapels, which can throw off your body's proportion.
Long & Lean
Ex. John Krasinski
(6' 3", 190 lbs)
Anything with horizontal lines to help you look broader. Lighter colors visually add width to a narrow frame. A belt cuts across the body to play down your height. Anything with vertical lines, which only make you look taller. Tight suits and jackets that advertise your thin limbs. Or slim-toed shoes, which can make feet look big and long.
Short & Stocky
Ex. Jack Black
(5' 6", 193 lbs)
Single-button suits or jackets that have a low-button stance to make the torso look longer. Dark, V-neck sweaters do the same. Flat-front pants with little to no break. Anything with horizontal stripes or busy plaids, which break up the body's vertical lines. Spread collars, which widen the face. Untucked shirts, which look sloppy and make your waist look bigger.
Short & Trim
Ex. Justin Bieber
(5' 7", 130 lbs)
Two-button suit jackets with a low-button stance. Thicker fabrics (like corduroy) or bolder patterns (like glen plaid or pinstripes) which offer the illusion of heft. Spread collar shirts, dark, narrow ties and slim shoes. Anything baggy or loose, which only draws attention to your size. If you can get away without wearing a belt, do it. The more pared down your clothes, the taller you look.

Talk to Your Tailor

Even with the body of a store mannequin, chances are you could benefit from taking your suits, jackets and trousers to the tailor. Here's what to ask for the next time the tape measure comes out (and what you should expect to pay).






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