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Personal Care

A Vitamin Primer

You've come a long way since chomping on the chalky Flinstones chewables your mom used to hand you before school. Or maybe you haven't, since multivitamins are often an afterthought for many guys. After all, most of us aren't exactly eating clean, balanced diets so the likelihood we're getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need from our food is pretty low. Which is why we need supplements to fill in the gaps. A daily multivitamin formulated specifically for men will ensure that you're getting more than enough of the essentials recommended for optimum health (like Vitamin D), without the stuff you don't need (like extra iron). Herewith, some smart options based on your personal pill preference.

Easy to Swallow

Let's be honest, some of those horse pills in the supplement aisle are intimidating. With this tiny softgel cap, you get 100% or more of the USDA recommended daily allowance of Vitamins C, D and E in a capsule that's much smaller than your average multivitamin. It's also packed with selenium for immune system support and extra Vitamin D, which not only improves calcium absorption for bones and teeth but is also vital for heart and muscle health.

Full Strength Minis for Him by Nature Made

Best Tasting

These are for guys that don't like popping pills, or maybe just for guys who like guilt-free candy. In any case, there are a number of gummy options these days for adults. But be warned: most of the them taste awful or are loaded with excess sugar and artificial coloring. Vitafusion's options, on the other hand, are made with natural flavors and colorings and contain only 15 calories per serving. Plus, their men's formula meets all your basic needs and has nutrients to support energy production and your immune system.

Men's Daily Gummy, by Vitafusion

Raw, Whole and Organic

Made from fresh, wholesome ingredients along with organic herbs, these all-natural supplements deliver whole food nutrients and protective antioxidants as if you fortified your meals with an extra plate or two of fruits and vegetables and then washed it all down with a green juice. Not only do you get more than your recommended allowance of vitamins, you get a dose of vital phyto-nutrients and 100% of your daily need of folate—a cancer-fighting nutrient that helps sperm production and protects against Alzheimer's disease.

Men's One Daily, by MegaFood

Want to Know More?

When it comes to supplements, you often hear that you require more than a multi. That Omega-3s, calcium or extra Vitamin D is needed. Interested in going further? Check out Dr. Oz's ultimate supplement checklist.






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