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Buckleless Belt

It's not easy finding a simple belt that is visually interesting, able to pair with most pieces in your closet and made from quality materials. The button stud belt from Jason Gregory's leather goods brand, Makr, slays all three. Cut to a trim one inch wide, it's narrow enough to sharpen up the look of your everyday jeans or chinos and it's elegant enough to sport with your grey flannel trousers. In lieu of a buckle, there's an antique brass stud. Quietly quirked out, it's enough to notice but not draw attention. This one is made from English bridle leather, but you can also choose from two shades of Horween Chromexcel or natural vegetable tanned leather.

$95 by Makr

  • The belts are also carried at Wharf in Warwick, RI.



A Buckleless Belt

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