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Office Briefs

Perhaps you'd pull on some long underwear for a day on the slopes, but what about for a day at the office? Those dress pants won't keep you very warm on your way. Not to mention, corporate quarters are notoriously cold in the winter. Don't feel like showing up at the morning meeting wrapped in a stadium blanket? Then you'll want some lightweight long johns. These aren't the droopy, waffle-weave cotton ones you padded around in during the Christmas vacations of your youth. These are hi-tech base layers of silk and wool that won't itch, bunch up under your pants or make you overheat inside. They're designed to move with you while also wicking away any perspiration. And while there's all sorts of styles from DKNY to Patagonia, here are two that top our list.

  • In some parts of the country, long underwear is called "long handles."

Icebreaker Bodyfit 200,




Office Briefs

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