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In between touring and finishing up the latest Rooney album, frontman Robert Schwartzman has developed an alter ego for the iPad age. We caught up with the musician at his home recording studio in LA's Hancock Park to find out what he's been up to.

- Will Widger


What's up with Rooney?

We just finished touring. The new album won't be out until May, but we're releasing an EP online called 'Wild One' soon with four songs that won't be on the album.


Who is Solobob?

It's a character based on a name that I came up with in high school ... he's free, colorful. Anything goes. I started writing Solobob songs years ago, but I was under contract with Interscope and couldn't release any of my own music outside of Rooney, but now I have that freedom.


Where can we find him?

You can check out Solobob.com and get a free download of "The Victim," and see the first music video directed by Roman Coppola (above). So far, you can hear the music through music videos, but after the Rooney cycle, I'll release a Solobob album for sure.




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