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The Button-Down Club Collar

There's something about a club collar shirt. It speaks quietly. It's a detail that stands out just enough to get noticed, without looking over the top. Originally found only at England's Eton College—they developed it as part of their dress code—the club collar (also known as a golf collar) became one of the most popular choices in the early decades of the 20th century. Now, it's one of the throwback styles currently enjoying a revival. And this cotton oxford shirt from Lands' End Canvas is one of the best ones you can buy right now. Crafted from washed cotton, it fits close to the body with high arm holes, a narrow placket and is finished with vintage details like reinforced side-gussets. What's more, the club collar is also a button-down. But best of all? The affordable price.

$58, at Lands' End Canvas

Other Styles
Canvas also sells button-down club collars in yellow and blue university stripes.

$44, at Lands' End Canvas












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