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Editor's Notebook

By Jian DeLeon for Valet.
Photos by Sharon McClintic for Valet.
Rag & Bone
Patrik Ervell

The look: Militaristic mountain man goes camping, brings a suit or two just in case.

The look: Utilitarian schoolboy, lost enroute to class on a gloomy, foggy day.

Venue: 82Mercer

Venue: Milk Studios

The show: Makeshift runway leading models to a presentation-style platform.

The show: A "continuous runway" concept with models circling around a cellophane maze-like construct.

Primary colors: Mossy and muddy earth tones and camouflage, punctuated with some burgundy.

Primary colors: Crisp, monochromatic colors with minimal, textured patterns.

Standouts: Lots of cozy-looking knit caps, scarves and gloves.

Standouts: Transparent raincoats and latex rubber scarves, definitely unexpected but still very stylish.

Music: Curated and mixed by Thom Yorke.

Music: Olson III by Terry Riley (on a hypnotic loop).

Shoes: Rugged Rag & Bone boots.

Shoes: Dr. Martens

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