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Royall Rugby

    Since its inception, the Royall Lyme brand has had close ties to the sport of Rugby, and currently sponsors several teams and collegiate events.

When Matt Fox, proprietor of New York's Fine and Dandy shop and a man of refined taste, recommends something, I tend to listen. He recently turned me onto Royall Rugby cologne and he was right; I've been wearing it nonstop ever since. It's the latest scent from Royall Lyme Bermuda, the brand started by a Bermudian yachtsman, which has been crafting high quality colognes here in the US for more than half a century. Brooks Brothers first started carrying the line in 1960 and continues to stock it today. Each pewter-capped bottle is still lovingly wrapped in parchment and affixed with a wax seal—just opening up the packaging is like going back in time. Inside, however, Royall Rugby offers whispers of yesterday with a sturdy shot of the clean, contemporary fragrances of today. It starts off with crisp, citrusy vetiver, grassy herbs and maybe a touch of licorice, and develops later into a sturdy but nuanced scent of earthy wood and suede. In short: it's subtly old school but modernly masculine. And isn't that what you want in a cologne?

- Cory Ohlendorf

$40, at Brooks Brothers












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