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Menswear Points

Filson's classically styled umbrella is crafted with a hearty wood handle and covered with the brand's signature oil cloth, which will protect you from both wind and heavy rains while looking dapper as well.

$108, by Filson

    The Umbrella Dance: Etiquette experts suggest that a tall gentleman should raise his umbrella up so a shorter person can pass by without colliding with his umbrella. Likewise, if you are a shorter person, you should lower the umbrella closer to your head.

The Grown Man's Umbrella

When it rains, your umbrella can have as much impact on your style as your jacket. While plenty of umbrellas run pretty cheap, we've found you get what you pay for. Consider those gents across the pond. You think any self-respecting Londoner buys one of those $5 mini-umbrellas from a guy on the street? No, the Brits take their rain gear seriously and so should you. Whether it's for dodging a quick spring shower or a sudden downpour, equip yourself with proper protection that's as stylish as it is substantial.

Most Portable

With a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England, this sleek flattened folding style is not only extremely strong but also compact enough to easily slide into a jacket pocket or briefcase.

$31, by Fulton

For the Office

An ultra-light and roomy option finished with a handsome wooden handle. It dries off quickly and the subtle tattersall plaid will add some texture and color to your commute.

$70, by Brooks Brothers


This aerodynamic and asymmetrical design refuses to invert—even in the harshest winds. The shallow depth also allows you to see where you're going, but you've got to get the angle just right to keep the front of your pants dry.

$50, by Senz












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