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Heavy Metal

Perhaps it's the return of Mad Men, but we can't help but notice all the '60s-style watches, complete with throwback mesh bracelets, lately. Based on archival designs or inspired by vintage timepieces, they offer the kind of style you'd see in an old Italian movie. Which makes sense—the bands are known as Milanese mesh. Originating from the protective chain-mail worn under armor, it was a technique exclusive to the jewelers of Milan until the 19th century and involves hundreds of small metal loops that are hammered or pressed to create a durable and handsome mesh. The ones here combine a simple elegance with rugged utility, which is exactly the statement you want a watch to make, isn't it?

IWC, $2,895

Hamilton, $630

Braun, $200


Zenith, $10,221

Bulova, $134

Tissot, $295

  • D.I.Y.: If you've already got a watch you like, swap out the strap for a mesh band. $48, at Amazon



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