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Spring Gear

Not the kind of guy that carries a pocket knife? No worries. But if ever there was a time to reconsider your everyday carry, it's spring. Think about it. The weather's warming up. You're outside more often and there are all sorts of situations that you'll get into during the next few months that you'll be able to improvise your way out of with some of these trusty tools. Whether you're repairing some sunglasses on vacation or simply opening bottles at an outdoor concert, here are some handsomely designed implements to help.

Kebo bottle opener

Cast from polished stainless steel and based on an old design from the 1930s, it opens bottles with a simple squeeze of the hand. Pretty cool trick, right?

$25, by RUSH3 Studio


Loaded with only their most requested features, this oxidized multi-tool has everything from a saw to an eyewear screwdriver.

$51, at MoonTrail

Little Bonsai clip

This Kickstarter-backed clip functions as a belt clip, bottle opener, keychain, money clip, headphone cord wrapper and iPhone stand.

$16, at AC Gears

Titanium money clip

A simple money clip comes in handy when you don't want to carry a wallet. This hard-wearing but flexible clip easily holds the necessary cards, cash and ID.

$40, by Superior Titanium








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