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Stripping down to your skivvies at a stranger's request and submitting to a full body scan in a closet-sized box sounds more Homeland Security than high style. But Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins, the 28-year-old co-founders of menswear startup Alton Lane, are  betting that their modern method might just be the future of bespoke tailoring. After a spell in finance, the UVA grads decided to try their hand at fashion and they're using cutting edge tech to supply stylish young guys with well-priced suits, shirts and outerwear. "This technology helps us make clothes that are crafted precisely around each individual's body," says Peyton. "All it takes is 30 seconds." The scanner generates a digital doppelganger which is saved as a template for future purchases then beamed to the company's tailoring team in Thailand. True, it may lack the old world charm and genteel gloss of hiring a Savile Row vet to size you up by hand, but the prices are pretty hard to argue with—$79 and up for tailored shirts, $485 and up for custom-fit suits. Their website sports a user-friendly Virtual Design Lab and measurement guide, but to get the full "blackbox" experience, you'll have to make an appointment. - Chris Schmicker




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Alton Lane

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