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No matter the weather, you should probably be including some SPF in your morning routine. "At least a 15," says Dr. Craig Austin, a New York dermatologist with a summer outpost in the Hamptons. "But the lighter your skin—or the longer you'll be out in the sun—the higher your SPF should be." Here, the doc shares everything the average guy needs to know about the broad-spectrum skin savers.

The Rays

UVA = These penetrate the ozone easily and can reach deeper into the skin, resulting in wrinkles.

UVB = Short-wave rays responsible for your sunburn and the radiation that causes skin cancer.

What is SPF?

The "sun protection factor" indicates how long you can be in the sun before burning. So if you'd normally burn after 10 minutes, an SPF 15 will allow you to withstand 15 times that, protecting you for 150 minutes.

1.5 oz

The amount of sunblock needed to cover your entire body—a shot glass worth.

  • Will Ferrell endorses a charity sunscreen ($12) that benefits college-bound cancer survivors.
The Best For:

Everyday: The non-greasy moisturizer locks in moisture but also blocks out the rays.

Jack Black, $26


The Water: A quick-drying, surfer-approved gel that won't wash (or sweat) off no matter how long you're in the pool.

Bull Frog, $8


Sports: This no-rub spray dries a tad tacky, meaning no slippery golf clubs or rackets.

Coppertone, $10




60 Seconds:

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