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... In the Summer Heat with Billy Reid

Born in Louisiana and now based in Florence, Alabama, designer Billy Reid knows a thing or two about dressing for hot, humid conditions. We caught up with the southern gentleman for some pointers on looking good and dressing well, despite the sticky, steamy conditions of summer.

What are your own personal tricks to staying cool?

Growing up in South Louisiana, my father made me wear an undershirt anytime we were going some place nice. He was old school like that and he swore that it made you cooler. So, I've stuck with that and it definitely works for me.

Best item for a dressy summer event like a wedding?

A linen sport coat or a cotton poplin suit are both great, especially for afternoon heat. They're the kind of pieces that are expected to look a little rumpled and broken in. Like rolling up your shirt sleeves, you'll look and feel more relaxed.

    Reid only works with natural fabrics. There are no synthetics used in his collections.
Do colors make a difference?

Sometimes it's so hot out that it doesn't even matter. Certainly lighter colors usually help, even psychologically, but garment weight and all natural fabrics that breathe will make the biggest difference.




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