{06.14.11} Trends

  • The Persol 714 is an homage to Steve McQueen and is based on a pair of sunglasses the actor wore frequently.

The Foldable
Shades Spectrum

Foldable sunglasses are like having a dose of cool in your pocket. The portable frames are convenient, stylish and most importantly, durable. Usually made with scratch-resistant lenses and durable acetate frames, sturdier models like the Persol 714 are built to last. But we're also seeing glasses with a bit more pop than your usual black or tortoiseshell offerings (see: Burberry's "Brights" collection). We rounded up the season's best timeless and trendy frames, no matter your budget.

- Jian DeLeon

American Eagle, $9.50

Polycarbonate frames in six colors.

Sunpocket, $65

Available in eight colors with a soft bag and case.

Burberry, $250

Squared-off frames with gradient lenses and a zippered case.


Urban Outfitters, $18

Rubberized plastic with gradient tint lenses.

Ray-Ban, $154

Made in Italy from lightweight acetate with a small case.

Persol, $265

Made in Italy, with crystal lenses—the most structurally sound of the group.












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