{06.28.13} Skin Care

Cool Down,
Clean Up

Vermont-based skincare brand Ursa Major has made a name for themselves with their popular shaving creams, tonics and balms, but co-founder Oliver Sweatman says he has wanted to create an on-the-go face wipe from the beginning. It simply took a couple of years to make the perfect one. "I have fewer skin issues if I keep the oil and stuff from building up on my skin throughout the day. A wipe like this makes it easy," says Sweatman. "I definitely feel better after using one." The all natural wipes remove grime while clearing pores and combating blemishes—and because they're packed with good stuff like aloe, witch hazel and green tea, they do all that while soothing and hydrating your skin. We're happy to report after our own real world testing, that these guys deliver, whether you're wiping down after a bike ride or before a big date. Your skin feels cool and refreshed. Not sticky or smelly like other wipes we've tried. And best of all, since Ursa Major's are made from bamboo fibers, they're durable enough to stand up to three-day scruff without fuzzing up your whiskers.

$24 for a 20-pack, by Ursa Major

Keep a few packs in the refrigerator for an immediate blast of icy cool clean.











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