{07.25.12} Skin Care

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Racer Shave Cream

The Promise

Portland General Store's newest shave cream, Racer ($36), is an organic shaving cream crafted from shea butter, cocoa butter and fruit extracts that makes for an incredibly quick and close shave.

The Trial

We tested this cream with two types of shavers. One hates shaving and wants to get it over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The other is an old-timey guy who doesn't mind lathering up with a badger brush and taking his time to do it right. Just note: this is a rich cream, that doesn't lather but you can easily spread it on like any other shaving cream. And it's got a lightly spiced, citrusy scent that's not overpowering.

The Results

Both shavers agreed, this does the job better than advertised. The Racer name is perfect, as the slippery cream makes for fast and easy passes of the blade. The soothing aloe vera prevents irritation while the Vitamin E and olive oil ensure that skin is left smooth and hydrated. The price reflects its artisanal, small-batch nature, but the big jar will easily last a few months.

    Founder Lisa Brodar left her Manhattan advertising job to start the brand in Portland, Maine.











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