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The Modern
Man's Wallet

Leather craftsman Kenton Sorenson appreciates design that is as rugged as it is elegant. Simplicity is paramount to everything he creates, but it also has to be functional. His latest products, a trio of wallets, are pared down to the necessities, but are also beautiful and understated. "I've been using front pocket wallets for many years and I'll never go back to a conventional one," says Sorenson when asked about his inspiration for the slim wallets. "I hardly ever carry cash, except for a maybe a twenty for emergencies—a pocket for cards in the front and back and a small pocket for cash in the middle is just right for today's guy." His other reasons for the slim profile pieces? Better spine alignment when sitting down and less of a pickpocket threat when out and about. The latter certainly comes in handy when you're stashing your iPhone or passport in your wallet. "But ultimately, it forces you to eliminate the nonessentials that you normally carry around—like your high school girlfriend's photo—and like I say, 'the modern man travels light.'"

From $90
by Kenton Sorenson USA

  • Sorenson is a classically trained barber who recently retired from the grooming game to expand his leather brand.



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