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Fall's New Scents

It's time to start thinking about swapping out that light, citrusy summer scent for a more fall-minded fragrance. Here are the new seasonal scents worth a trip to the cologne counter.

Marc Jacobs

Notes: Black and white peppercorns, cedar and patchouli.
Smells like: A classic Italian barbershop—warm, woody and masculine.

From $55 at Bloomingdale's

Ralph Lauren
Big Pony Collection

Notes: Citrus (1), saffron (2), cedar (3) and sage (4).
Smells like: The four distinct scents range from fresh and sporty to pungent and woody.

From $50 (each) at Ralph Lauren


Notes: French apples, birch wood and Italian begamot.
Smells like: A walk through an orchard after a shower—fresh, clean and modern.

From $140 at Creed

04 Petrana

Notes: Pink pepper, coriander, vetiver and musk.
Smells like: An exotic spice market—rich, herbaceous yet sweet.

$110 at Odin

  • Unsure which cologne is you? Check out our fragrance decoder to find a signature scent that works with your personal style.
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