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Prepsters in Nantucket reds. Hipsters in limited-edition kicks. Not exactly bedfellows. But Lacoste's croc is getting some street cred from high-end sneakerhead haven, the Alife Rivington Club, with a limited-edition capsule collection. "We're committed to brands that have a true athletic history," says Alife's co-founder Arnaud Delecolle. "Our aesthetic involves classic sports heritage, so given the opportunity to work with Lacoste, that translates into bold colors and recognizable graphics." What's that mean? Rugby-collared polos in the club's signature colors along with a revamp of Lacoste's classic 1983 Ardeur tennis shoe. $115 to $175, at select Lacoste stores and Rivingtonclub.com.

French Kicks
  • Keep white sneakers clean by removing any grime or scuffs with a Mr. Clean magic eraser. $3.50 at Drugstore.comicon.



French Kicks

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