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  • Each watch is engraved on the back with an individual number from 1 to 1949. The quantity corresponds to the year Gant was founded.

Triple Time


Michael Bastian's collections for Gant continue to grow larger each season. This summer, he introduced sunglasses and this fall marks his label's first foray into timepieces. When we first saw the prototype months ago, we immediately noticed the oversized crown. Bastian explained that the design was based on the early wristwatches from the WWII era, which were essentially pocket watches affixed to a leather strap. Inside the water resistant stainless steel case is a high precision Japanese quartz movement by Miyota. What's more, it comes with three easily interchangeable NATO straps—light brown Italian leather, olive drab and navy with maroon stripes—so it pairs with practically anything. "The important thing to me about a watch is that it remains timeless and above fashion," says Bastian. "A good watch should become part of you."

$395, available today at Gant and Barneys












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