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Sometimes A Great Notion


Just when we think we've seen every great Paul Newman film with style, another one seems to pop up. In his second turn as a director, Newman assembled an all-star cast for 1970's "Sometimes A Great Notion." It's the story of the Stampers, a resilient and determined Oregon logger family, who resist the local union's urgency to go on strike, and are then ostracized and terrorized for being so-called "traitors" to the town. The film is a hidden gem not only in the acting and writing department, but for the simple and rugged style of the clothes. And as we transition into fall, this unsung hero of a movie makes for some smart sartorial inspiration. Newman's Hank Stamper has very few outfit changes, but they all show a sense of cool, easygoing style and practicality that can easily be applied to your wardrobe today. Now if only we could get our hands on some of those sweet '70s-era trucks.

- Josh Beard


Jeans, $168
by Lee

Sweatshirt, $70
by J.Crew

Boots, $278 by Frye

Leather gloves,
$61 by Corazzo

Trucker jacket, $88 by Levi's

Denim shirt, $35 by H&M

Locking knife,
$42 by Mercator

    Forget what you've been told. Don't be afraid of wearing white jeans year
    Sometimes A Great Notion is available for streaming via Netflix or on Blu-ray ($15, at Amazon)











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