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Rudy Style


For almost two decades now, Rudy, the true story of Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger—defying the odds by not only getting into the University of Notre Dame but successfully making the football team—has inspired men of all ages to passionately pursue their dreams in every possible way. However, something that's been overlooked over the years is the classic collegiate style that Rudy wore throughout the entire film. Set in the mid 1970s, we never see Rudy fall victim to such trends of the day as butterfly collars and bell bottoms. Rather, he consistently sports timeless staples like oxford cloth button-downs, Levi's 501s, white canvas sneakers and, of course, a varsity jacket. All pieces that would perfectly fit into any man's wardrobe today. So along with his success on the field, we should give Rudy a slow clap for his sartorial choices off the field as well.

- Branden "Skip" Brooks


Merino sweater,
$98 by Bonobos

Sneakers, $65 by Tretorn

Jeans, $48 by Levi's

Bomber jacket, $550 by Engineered Garments

$35 by
The Knottery

Oxford shirt, $195
by Matt Singer

Backpack, $295
by Goruck

You can purchase a replica of Rudy's leather and wool varsity jacket at Notre Dame's bookstore.

$280, by Holloway












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