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Enduring Classic

The Levi's Trucker Jacket

While the first denim jacket appeared around 1905, it wasn't until 1962 when the Trucker jacket was produced by Levi's and changed men's style forever. Few pieces of a man's wardrobe are as comfortable as they are durable. Not to mention adaptable to nearly everything you pair with it. Wear this slimmed-down version of the classic instead of a blazer with your favorite oxford and textured tie. Pull it over a sweater as your lone defense against the late fall chill. Or layer it under a puffer vest or overcoat for a touch of rugged charm. It comes in a dozen fabrications—from corduroy and sherpa fleece-lined, to Cone Mills denim made in North Carolina and Filson's famed oil-finished tin cloth. But we're partial to this washed version. For a vintage lived-in feel, throw it in a hot wash cycle a few times before wearing.

From $68, at Levi's

  • When Levi's first debuted the Trucker, it was called the 557XX "Type 3" jacket.











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