{11.13.12} Skin Care

Get Into
a Lather

Shave cream, $30 and badger brush, $39 by Truefitt & Hill

Other Options

Super Close Shave Formula, $16 by Baxter of California


Whiskey shave soap, $18 by Portland General Store


Soothing menthol shaving cream, $12 by Proraso

The weather has turned colder, the air drier. Soon, your free time will be spent shopping for presents, hanging with rarely-seen relatives or attending semi-mandatory dinners and parties. During such a time-crunched season, it's crucial to take some time for yourself. And swapping out that speedy can of shaving foam for a tub of quality cream and a badger bristle brush will make all the difference on a dark, chilly morning. In fact, lathering up with a brush is not only better for your whiskers, but it's a lot less messy and feels a hell of lot more luxurious. Truefitt & Hill, the British apothecary company behind the world's oldest barbershop, is no slouch in the shaving department. Their glycerin-based shaving creams lock in your skin's natural moisture and the rich lather lifts hair, (thanks to the brush which also exfoliates your skin) resulting in a smooth, soft finish. The fact that they smell masculine and barbershop-y just adds to the decadence.




Get Into
a Lather








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