{11.22.11} Trends



Plaid wool pants, $475
by Gant by Michael Bastian

Cuffs have been gaining some ground in stylish circles for the past few seasons, but this winter it seems that they're ready for primetime. At a substantial width—one and three-quarters to two inches—they're the perfect complement to heavier suits along with trousers cut from brushed flannel, corduroy or tweed. And this winter, when you pull on a pair of hearty kicks—be it some wing tip boots or durable slush-kickers, the cuffs make for a refined way to keep snow, water and salt off your pants. After all, the first cuffs were adopted a century ago as a means of keeping mud off a man's hem when roads were still unpaved. Today, they offer a subtle throwback charm, not to mention a nice drape to your pants. You can take a pair of flat-fronts into your tailor to have a cuff sewn, or simply buy them pre-cuffed like these here from Gant.


Twill chinos, $169
by Gant Rugger


Tweed trousers, $275
by Gant Rugger

  • A word of caution: If you're on the shorter side,
    cuffs can visually shorten your legs.







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