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Chup socks, $34
and desert boots,
$148 at J.Crew

    The modern English word sock is derived from the Old English word socc, meaning "light slipper".

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Gone are the days where ankles may be freely flashed, as individuals who don't live in warmer climates (or within a Tumblr street style shot) must begin covering every piece of flesh exposed to the air. It may sound silly, but socks are a necessary part of any man's fall and winter wardrobe, statement or not. But today's man has the benefit of having a little color covering his ankles, rather than the boring business black and sterile gym sock white. And socks surprisingly have their own niche—brands like Chup and Happy Socks have proven that focusing on the feet can open up new possibilities to add a touch of something different to your kit. Don't worry about matching them to your shoes, or the rest of your outfit for that matter, these knit designs are meant to be a counter piece. If you, like me, lean towards argyle for a more classic look, try the bolder Southwest or Fair Isle patterns with your dark shoes or casual sneakers. Because if you're looking to wrap your feet into a burrito of colorful warmth, pitch the stale three-pair packs you copped at your local superstore, and pop these on your feet.

- Gregory Babcock




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