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Summer Survival Skills
  • Wiping sweat away will only cause you to sweat even more. Want to stop sweating? Stand in front of a fan or an open window and let the sweat evaporate naturally.

How to Cool Off Quickly

Everyone's been there: stuck in a stuffy office or a crowded restaurant. Perhaps your AC is out or you just got in from a sweltering walk back from lunch. The key to the quick cool down? Focus on your pulse points. According Dr. Lewis Maharam, a New York-based running physician who often treats overheated marathoners, the points are where your blood flows closest to the surface of your skin. As cooler blood circulates through your body, you'll feel a slight chill wash over you. Herewith, a few hot spots and what to do for some relief from the heat.

Pulse Points

Find yourself in constant need of cooling off? Dab some peppermint essential oil on your temples. (Side benefit: helps with headaches too.)

Aura Cacia peppermint oil, $6

Back of the Neck

Place a moist paper towel, dampened handkerchief or can of soda on the back of your neck.

Bandana, $5


Hold your wrists under cool, running water for 30 seconds. This can reduce your body's temperature for up to an hour.

Inner Elbow

Place a cold can of soda on the crook of your elbow for 10 seconds each, constricting the blood vessels that dilate when overheated.

Cool vs. Cold

Wrapping a cool bandana around your neck is comforting. Placing frozen ice cubes against your wrist is just painful.


Take off your shoes. Even if it's just for a moment, under your desk or the table, this will release a lot of your body's heat.









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