Summer Survival Guide

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Repair Your Skin

The summer can be tough on your skin. Salt from sweat or seawater, the chemicals in chlorine and sunscreens, not to mention a whole lot of sunshine can easily beat up and dry out your skin. Add that to the late nights, frequent travel and day drinking and you're likely due for a little skin maintenance before the cooler, drier weather returns.


The Body Shop, $12

Keep it Clean

Make sure to clear away daily grime, sweat and sunscreen each day so as not to break out or irritate the skin on your face. This mild cleanser has a rich, foaming lather, meaning a little goes a long way. Menthol cools, while Brazil nut oil conditions and Vitamin E actually helps the skin heal itself.


Kyoku for Men, $23

It Out

Heaped up dead cells create a rough and patchy completion. This highly effective exfoliating mud mask smooths skin with volcanic sand and ash while dry patches are softened thanks to 73 different hydrating sea minerals (along with some Japanese sake that helps close up enlarged pores).


Bucklers, $42


Too much sun and not enough sleep can easily result in sensitive skin. Whether you're suffering from a sunburn or simply distressed or irritated skin, moisture is the key to improving the condition. Buckler's lightweight lotion is a soothing salve that will calm irritation, reduce redness and visibly improve overall skin tone.


Brave Soldier, $20


Protect yourself from further damage by using a lightweight sunscreen. This grease-free, non-irritating formula is a favorite because it absorbs quickly, can be used on both your face and body and is made to be extremely water resistant. It's crafted with micronized zinc oxide to protect, as well as such skin calming ingredients as macadamia nut oil, green tea and pure aloe extract.

Got a Sunburn?

Here's how to relieve the pain and keep your skin from getting crispy.