• Any recommendations for an affordable alternative to the Alden Indy boot?

    - Grant

  • Well, the first thing we'd recommend, is checking eBay for a gently used pair in your size. Sometimes you can score a really sweet pair of the exact shoes you're looking for, and because they're such great quality, they'll last you years—especially since you can have them resoled and refurbished by Alden. But if you can't find your size (or you have a problem with wearing secondhand shoes), here are three affordable alternatives:



  • I'm a new vegetarian who is trying to also eliminate leather goods from my wardrobe. One of the toughest things to find are replacements for men's dress shoes, which are almost all leather. I know there are faux-leather options, but I'd rather have something that doesn't pretend. There has to be other stylish options in canvas or other materials, but I can't find them.

    - CD

  • We're with you sir. The faux-leather could be okay, but it seems the makers of vegan shoes aren't really up on the most modern styles. Thankfully, you're right. There are some canvas options that could work (and keep in mind, that come warmer weather, you'll likely have more options). But right now, Sperry offers a handsome oxford lace-up in navy and tan, while Lacoste offers a buck style in both green and grey. And even Clarks makes a pair of their signature desert boots in a dark navy canvas. Best of all, most styles are on sale now.



  • In viewing the book "Take Ivy" I see lots of penny loafers, which I'm obsessed with lately. What style, brand and color of loafer did these college students purchase?

    - William

  • Back in the day (and even today) Bass Weejuns were the loafers to have. Not only are they well built and comfortable, they're affordable too. A few years ago, Bass unveiled a few new, leaner styles, like their Larson, which has a slimmer profile and a slightly lower heel. It's still timeless in looks, but with a slightly modern edge.





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