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  • I recently found out I need reading glasses, but when I've tried on frames they look weird on my face. Like I was a Buddy Holly impersonator. Is there a style that's less severe?

    - Jeff, Portland, OR

  • You may want to lighten up. As in clear frames. They seem to be having a moment right now, so you'll seem modern and with it, while easing yourself and those around you into your new bespeckled appearance. If you have a round face, look for rectangular lenses like the Kissinger-esque Nebb frame by Moscot. Longer faces can pull off the circular Andy style by Selima and Oliver Peoples' wayfarer frame lies somewhere in the middle.


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Long/Triangle Face
Selima 'Andy'

Round Face
Moscot 'Nebb'



Designer Steven Alan wears clear frames.

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