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Looking for stylish, affordable iPad case for type-A male. Any suggestions?

- Kate, New York, NY


Type A? Tough guy to shop for, we'd imagine. But a good case for his beloved iPad is both practical and stylish. There are some really good looking options out there in a range of prices, depending on his style. Two simple ones on our radar—Clare Vivier's sleeve made exclusively for Steven Alan ($115), which he can easily slip the iPad into or for something more secure (not to mention affordable), Dodo offers a simple Moleskine-style folio case that securely holds the tablet in place and will only set you back about fifty bucks. Griffin sells an office-appropriate leather wallet case ($50) that not only keeps the iPad safe and secure but also has slots for papers and credit cards. There's also a really handsome envelope style portfolio by Fossil (believe it or not) that he can easily tuck the iPad into, along with any work papers or anything else he might be carrying. The vintage-style leather folio is only $40, but it might be a tad casual for your Type A fella.

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