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    I'm tired of off-the-shelf dress shirts. Any suggestions for reasonably priced custom made dress shirts?

    - Allan, Houston, TX


    Since you're a Texan, it'd be criminal not to tell you about Hamilton Shirts. For more than a century, the Hamilton family has been crafting some of America's finest men's shirts from their home base in Houston. They offer a fully bespoke service at their workshop, as well as an online made-to-measure program, which allows you to choose your fabric and style and then personalize the details and fit to your personal preference. For some more affordable made-to-measure options check out online clothiers like Ratio Clothing, Proper Cloth, Alexander West or Blank Label, which all create custom shirting cut to your exact measurements for very reasonable prices.


While you could go with a standard monogram, some gents have been experimenting lately with playful three-letter options like WTF, RAD, LOL and FTW, etc.




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