There's nothing wrong with having a go-to cologne. But as cooler weather approaches and you start swapping out your wardrobe, consider replacing your light, summer spritz with a more fall-minded fragrance. Something that can stand up to bitter winds, long nights and lots of layers. Or perhaps you want to choose a different cologne for work and play—something sturdy and masculine for the office, and a warm, subtle scent for your off-duty time. We've rounded up five worth checking out—some old favorites and some from the current crop of new offerings at the cologne counter.

Original Musk Blend No. 1

A subtle, gentlemanly scent that's old fashioned in the best way imaginable. It's one part light and floral, one part dark and masculine. What starts out with fragrant orange blossoms dries down into a layered earthy musk with a touch of patchouli spice.

$42.50 by Kiehl's

Palo Santo

Masculine without being overly stuffy, this rich, incense-y aroma evokes early autumn sunsets and campfires. Imbued with the woodsmoke of South American Palo santo burning sticks, the scent rounds out with a creamy suede finish.

$55 by The Motley

Boss The Scent

There's an immediate pop of ginger with the slight sweetness of spiced rum mixed with a new ingredient, African maninka fruit (thought to be an aphrodisiac). That settles into a leathery base grounded with earthy vetiver grass.

$68 by Hugo Boss

Polo Supreme Oud

Oud (pronounced like food) is a dark, aromatic resin produced under the bark of an Agar tree. It's an old school ingredient that's blown up lately in the fragrance world. And Polo's version, balanced with leather and a bourbon sweetness, is really wearable.

$125 by Ralph Lauren

What type of cologne suits you best?

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Colonia Essenza

For those that prefer a lighter, clean scent for the fall and winter months, this darker formulation from the classic Italian perfumer mixes a citrusy freshness with touches of spices like clove and fresh rosemary. It smells the way you'd imagine a barbershop in Rome might smell.

$107 by Acqua di Parma