The Secret to Great Hair

The Secret to Great Hair

For many men, your hair is one of the best features you can flaunt. There's a certain swagger to a guy with great hair—and you know it when you see it. That movie star-quality coif with its volume, shine and gravity-defying texture. For most of us who simply towel-dry our hair after a shower and throw in some product, those kind of next-level results seem out of reach. But no one's hair looks that good naturally. It takes a little work. And more importantly, it takes the right tools. Sure, you need a good styling product but the most important item that's likely missing is the addition of a hair dryer.

"I find men can feel intimated when it comes to using beauty products like a blow dryer," says celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who worked with Dyson to develop their new hair dryer. "And this often influences men to steer clear of more modern hair styles that require longer, more voluminous hair." But such styles are easily achieved when you've got the right equipment. Plus they do dry your hair faster. "Take back more time in the morning, after your workout or before going out," says Atkin, who reminded us that there's no shame in using a dryer. "After all, it's like a power tool for your hair."

Dryer Do's and Don'ts

Don't just wave the blow dryer
over your head.

Target the airflow: use the pressure from the stream of air to push the hair in the direction you want to wear it.

Do use it to shape the hair.

Use the hot air to flatten and smooth cowlicks. Give the front of your hair volume by lifting it up with your fingers or a brush and blow drying it from the base of the root towards the ends of the hair.

Don't burn your head (or hair).

Keep the blow dryer approximately six inches from your head at all times.

Do use the cold button.

Warm air allows you to manipulate the hair, but a shot of cold air when you're done sets the hair, allowing you to use less product. It also gives the hair a nice shine.

What to
Look For

Conair, $27.99

A starter model is fine, but make sure it's ceramic, which offers even, non-damaging infrared heat. You also want ionic technology, which creates millions of negative ions that dry the hair quickly by breaking down water molecules, resulting in less frizz. These two tried-and-true models will serve you well.

Andis, $32