Get a Better Shave

and Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine

Why one of the first grooming brands you ever trusted is still your best bet.

Start your year off right by streamlining your 2017 morning routine with a quicker, smoother shave. An efficient and effective shaving experience means less time at the sink, giving you more time in the morning for yourself. The key to a better, smoother shave? The right razor. Gillette has been making blades for over a century and their tagline, "The best a man can get," has resonated with generations as the brand continues to innovate. Many of us started shaving with a Gillette razor—anyone remember the first generation Mach 3? And while some of us might have strayed to try new brands and different blades, many guys have begun returning to the fold because Gillette remains a man's best option for a quality shave. Need proof?

Continued Innovation

Gillette has a lot of "firsts" under their belt—the first spring-loaded blade, first pivoting head and first three-blade razor. In fact, they hold more razor blade patents than any other brand, with more than 200 to date. Their latest, the ProShield line, features advanced blade technology such as specially engineered coatings to prolong the life and efficacy of the blade, allowing the razor to last for 20 comfortable shaves.

Extreme Comfort

Gillette's Fusion ProShield razors are the only razors that utilize progressive geometry to position blades in order to minimize irritation, razor burn and make nicks all but impossible. It features double lubrication, resulting in smooth passes of the blade and soothing hydration with each stroke—not found on any other razor. The open flow-through design rinses quickly and prevents clogging. And only Gillette offers Flexball technology with 960 pivot points, ensuring contact over every contour of your face, virtually eliminating the possibility of missed hairs.

Affordable Quality

Sold at nearly any local drugstore, most national retailers and such online resources as Amazon, it's definitely not difficult to find a Gillette razor. And research based on a year's worth of online shopping data shows that the average man often spent more money on the competition than on Gillette products. Not only are Gillette razors more affordable, but they last longer. Look at it this way—if you don't shave on the weekends, one Fusion ProShield razor could easily last you a month.

Why I Went Back

Gillette asked men why they switched back to a Gillette razor after trying the competitors' blades. Here's a sample of what they had to say:

I couldn't take the constant razor burn."

I wanted something authentic. I am sick of cheap stuff."

It just didn't have a close, comfortable shave like Gillette."

I need a reliable shave that leaves me nick-free."