The All-Natural Grooming Products You Need to Survive Winter

Cold, windy and wet conditions outside and drying, furnace-fueled heat indoors can make for brutal conditions. Your skin is often left either dry, cracked and flaky, or painfully tight, splotchy and burning. Good times, right? The only defense is to keep your skin as healthy and hydrated as possible. And that means steering clear of gnarly, unnecessary chemicals, synthetic fragrances and all those questionable ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates and formaldehyde. Thankfully, some of the best new products for men now are intentionally formulated with only natural, potent ingredients. Stock up now to get some cold comfort all winter long.

For Active Guys

Oars + Alps is a new line of fresh-scented manly grooming products made in Chicago specifically for guys on the go. Each product is fortified with Alpine Caribou Moss—a lichen sourced from Northern Finland, where it thrives amid nature's harshest elements—which improves skin's texture while protecting it from UV radiation and other environmental pollution. The standout product is their unique solid facial cleanser. Ideal for gym bags, carry-ons or anyone who doesn't like gloopy soap in their eyes, the active-charcoal cleanser absorbs up to 200x its weight in impurities while buffing away dead skin.

Solid face wash, $14 and face & eye cream, $18,
by Oars + Alps

The Simple Solution

For guys who want premium products but don't really want to pay more than drugstore prices, Morgans is a godsend. And they can set you up with regular deliveries as well. The minimalist grooming line is like the Harry's for all your sundry needs—from razors and toothpaste to shampoo and deodorant, Morgans all but frees you from ever having to step inside a Walgreens again. We're fans of both their moisturizer and their shampoo. Though technically unscented, the moisturizer (which works for both your body and your face) has a wholesome, oatmeal-ish smell, and it quickly absorbs into skin for all-day hydration. The mild shampoo won't strip already dry winter hair, but can help clean and refresh your mane with such essential oils as citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg and rosewood.

Moisturizer and shampoo, $8 each by Morgans

The Smooth Skin Secret

Contrary to conventional logic, putting oil on your face will actually help balance your complexion and reduce oil production while moisturizing skin. This one from Buckler's—a brand we've stood behind for a while now—fights seasonal dryness while boosting antioxidant protection thanks to vitamins A and E along with essential Omega-6 fatty acids. It also contains evening primrose oil, a powerful ingredient that clears up such common concerns as acne, fine lines and redness/irritation. We tend to apply a few drops before bed and let it work its magic overnight.

$52 by Buckler's

A Shower Wake-Up

Winter mornings are rough, man—they're cold, dry and dark. But this sturdy brick of soap wakes you up with an invigorating aroma and a subtle gritty texture. Peppermint stimulates circulation (while regulating oil and acne) and tiny bits of volcanic rock scrubs and exfoliates skin. Honey and coconut soothes inflammation and locks in moisture for hydrated, not tight, skin.

$14 by Ursa Major


If you're not carrying some lip balm this time of year, you probably should be. Look for one with a matte formula to avoid sticky, shiny lips.

Facial Fuel No-Shine lip balm, $9 by Kiehl's