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The Products Our Team
Swears by This Summer

The Products Our Team Swears by This Summer

Yubas sunglasses, $55 by Sunski

We're always receiving new products here at Valet. HQ. We're also alpha consumers and grooming geeks, so when we really love a product, it's because we've done our research and tried pretty much everything on the market. Here are the six products our team is swearing by this summer—from soothing skin hydrators and an ethically made shampoo that does wonders for your hair to the best sunblock for men that will actually stay on your skin, no matter how active you are.

Ultra-Light Moisturizer

"Who wants to slather on a gloppy lotion when it's hot and muggy out? But I still need a daily moisturizer after shaving. And this gel hydrator is both cooling and quick absorbing. Somehow it sops up oil throughout the day so your face never looks shiny or greasy—no matter how hot it gets out."

Port Products Shampoo

$32 by Port Products

Feel Good Shampoo

"All the sweat and chlorine tends to damage my hair each summer. But this new sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo from one of my favorite brands is formulated with a blend of botanical extracts specifically designed to fortify and strengthen damaged or thinning hair. Plus, the tea tree, chamomile and mint not only wakes me up each morning but it also helps maintain a healthy scalp."

Kiehl's Apricot Face Wash

$22 by Kiehl's

Gritty Oil Fighter

"You gotta exfoliate during the summer or all that dirt and sweat will build up and cause breakouts. This face wash has crushed apricot seeds to help smooth skin and clear out pores. Unlike your average scrub, this lathers up to clean skin while removing excess oil."

Ursa Major Skin Repair Moisturizer

$54 by Ursa Major

Skin Repair

"My skin tends to get red and rough over the summer, but this light serum—which can double as a light morning moisturizer—calmed any irritation and evened out my skin tone in about a week. Now I use it daily and layer it under my sunblock when I'm heading outside."

Jack Black Sun Guard

$21 by Jack Black

A True Water Resistant Sunblock

"I'll be honest, it takes some effort to rub in Jack Black's Sun Guard, but this broad-spectrum sunscreen is the only one that I've found to really last despite long bouts of swimming and sweating. You won't burn or get it dripping into your eyes, and that alone is worth the price."

Key West Aloe Sunburn Relief

$12.50 by Key West Aloe

Sunburn Relief

"When I'm not as diligent about the sunscreen, this soothing aloe balm also has Lidocaine to help numb the sting. It's also good to help stop bug bites from itching."