Google Offers a Window
Into Our Souls

The year's top searches reveal some surprising results.

Google has just announced its annual "Year in Search" lists, culled from the endless stream of data provided by the millions of user searches over the past twelve months. And what a wild twelve months it's been. Of course, some of 2016's findings aren't all that shocking—there were huge surges in searches for Donald Trump, the Olympics and Stranger Things, of course. But the varied lists also offer a glimpse into the collective consciousness—of what we all have been thinking and thus, typing into that familiar search bar. Here's a look at some of the top searches. From asking questions about what to do on vacation or how many calories in a burger to looking for the latest hairstyle, some of these might surprise you, while others might hit close to home.

Where We Want to Go

Where is Bali

What to do in Vegas

Where is the Grand Canyon

Preparing for the Future

How to register to vote

How to play Powerball

How to move to Canada

A Little Help Looking Better

Fade hairstyle

Men's anti-aging

Beard oil

"How Many Calories in a ..."

Big Mac


Boiled Egg

Cars of Interest






Damn Daniel

Pokeman Go

What was most searched for on Valet.?

Watches, sunglasses, jeans, beanie and travel.