from Jon Hamm

Life Lessons

from Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is an award-winning actor, director and producer who, of course, is known by nearly everyone as the anti-hero adman Don Draper. But there's more to this guy than one morose yet memorable character. He's been described as a lovable goofball, a consummate professional, a diehard Cardinals fan, not to mention a science nerd and a voracious reader. He's a man of many talents but he's the first one to own up to his faults. In short, he's a modern gentleman that exudes old school cool and we should all take his advice.

"Part of being an adult is treating women like women."

"Part of being an adult is treating women like women."

"Who doesn't like to laugh? Being goofy, being funny, fucking around—that's part of what makes life worth going through."

Losing both parents at a young age gave me a sense that you can't really control life—so you'd better live it while it's here."

"I left St. Louis with $150 in my pocket (and a wallet full of dangerously overdrawn credit cards) in a 1986 Toyota Corolla that would regularly blow a radiator-fan fuse and overheat. But I was going toward something."

"I got into acting because my teachers kept nudging me into it. The power a teacher has to influence someone is so great. I can't think of a profession I have more respect for."

"I like kids but I also like the option to close the door. Becoming a parent is a whole other life, and it doesn't stop."

"It is nice when things end ... I think when it is done right, it is a very satisfying way to appreciate something."

I went to a therapist. Sat down and talked to the lady. I gotta say, it helps. Talking to anybody helps. Talking to your friends helps. But your friends are your friends. They'll tell you what you want to hear."

"I quit smoking when I was 24. It's glamorous on film, but it's not glamorous waking up and smelling like an ashtray."


Before he left St. Louis, Hamm taught drama at his old high school. One of his students was The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper.