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The drink was allegedly invented by revolutionary general Don Augusto Michel who enjoyed his beer with lime juice, salt and hot sauce, over ice.

Anatomy of a Classic:
The Michelada

by Delane McCoy, of the Stoneleigh, Dallas, TX

Loosely translated, michelada means "my frozen beer,'" and the recipe varies from bar to bar. My version goes like this: Dip the rim of a pint glass in fresh lime juice and then coarse salt. Fill with ice cubes, add the juice of two key limes, a dash of Tabasco, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce and Maggi Jugo Sazonador (a rich seasoning sauce often used in gravy as a substitute for meat extract; it's like a soy sauce without the soy). Play around with these last three—changing them according to your taste.

Sprinkle in some sea salt and fill the glass with a good Mexican beer topped with a bit of fresh cracked pepper. Finish the drink with a lime garnish. The Baja California brew Cerveza Tecate works well because it is light but full, with a good flavor profile for this mix. Some people add a shot or two of Clamato or tomato juice and garnish with a cocktail shrimp; it's a little like drinking a shrimp cocktail. For even more added kick, float a shot of your favorite tequila on top.


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