Francine Maroukian
for Valet.

The Real Dill

Loulou's Garden Big Dills, $12; Baby Dills, $9; Bread and Butter, $9;
by calling

Grown from heirloom cucumber seeds that farmer Casey Havre found in Europe, crunchy cornichon, tart dill and old fashioned, sweet bread butter pickles are small batch packed in fine Italian white wine vinegar with herbs from her California garden. Once you're done with the crisp, organic pickles—which will be soon, very soon—use the brine as a great base for cole slaw dressing. For her many mail orders, Havre uses recycled cardboard boxes and then packs in biodegradable "chips" made from cornstarch. Her philosophy: "How can you make a statement with a sustainable product and then pack it in anything less?"


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