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The Kitchen Imperative

Sure, you could knock together a meal using practically anything. But a gentleman's kitchen equipment better be functional, durable and smart. This new series outlines modern kitchen classics as determined by the country's best chefs.

  • The internal temperature of meat can continue to rise as much as 10 degrees during the necessary resting period.

Know When
Your Meat's Done

The Problem

You don't know when a piece of chicken is undercooked or your steak has just reached the perfect medium rareness. So you cut into your meat and let out all those precious juices (and flavor). Or simply misjudge the cooking time and get food poisoning.


The Solution

Poke a quality thermometer into your meat and you'll know instantly how you're doing. (See chart for correct temperatures.) What kind do the pros use? Award-winning Master Chef Charlie Palmer checks his meats with a Thermapen handheld digital thermometer. "It's scary fast with 99% accuracy. Plus, the new one is even splash proof and water resistant." Keep in mind, it's not a skewer. The geeky gadget's unique sensor requires only about a 1/8-inch insertion to get accurate readings for anything from a thin skirt steak to a hulking rib roast.


To Use

Depending upon its shape and thickness, meat varies in internal temperature throughout the cut. Insert the probe into the thickest part (avoiding any bones) and let a temperature reading stabilize.


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